Friday, February 17, 2012

Frozen Flower

Frozen flower
Neath freezing rain
Fragile and stiff
No warmth again

The thaw will come soon
And be followed by pain
Frozen, unfrozen
Battered again

Tis nothing yet everything
Silly yet sane
Flower so sad
Broken again

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Losing my mind
Not mine, Can't find
It wanders where it will
And twists until

Singing low low low
Driving slow
Speeding high
It was never my

Faster and stronger
Rope grows longer
Tie me up away
I can't stay

Whoever you are
Get out, go far
Stop talking to me
Till I can't see


B Breathing laboured
A Acting favored
D Delusional

S Solitary in pain
A Alone in the rain
D Divided

M Mind in gear
A Ablaze with fear
D Dying

M Manipulative bitch
E Everlasting