Wednesday, December 3, 2008

prison master

The adoring prison master
came to me and fell first sight
but not to leave his post he begged me
to share his firelight

He promised love and graced a ring
his bride lifted on a pedestal
then carried me across the threshold
to share his prison cell

Slowly he retreated from the
honeymooners quarters,
and ordered me to serve him from my
block, those were my orders

And then he locked the door,
and adored me from afar,
I loved but couldn't reach him,
me - his infuriating star.

He ranted and abused me when I
couldn't meet his needs
yet he feared to breech the lock
lest his obsession be set free

The adoring prison master
I fell in love with at first sight
Though he pain me, I'll not leave him
will not douse his firelight

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