Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Child

My tiny babe
as I gaze upon your face
your breath so new
a work of grace

My soul swells
longing to impart
the Breath of Life
upon your heart

My child
as you wrap me in your infant hands
tender and soft, revealing
the Father's plans

My eyes well
longing to behold
the Prince of Peace
upon your soul

My little one
I'm overcome with love for you
precious gift from
He who is true

My heart aches
longing to inscribe
the Word of Love
upon your life.

Hung Up

It's enough
to hear your voice
on occasion

though it rings
through my heart
off the hook

It's enough
to see your face
when the moon is blue

your haunting eyes
every synapse of my mind

There is a new way
to survive
the tide of your love

for I've been forgiven
of the ache in my soul
when you tread my thought

and I grant you pardon
and beg Him often
release these chains

Let not the tears
wash me away
from the breath of life

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Twirl You Laughing

Little one
the time is come
for recesses and monkey bars

Soon the day
will give its way
to Jesus coming through the stars

Run and sing
push high the swing
rejoice and lift your hands up high!

your Father comes
to you He runs
will twirl you laughing through the sky!

laugh with joy
my little boy
delight yourself in all His ways

Jesus loves you
soon will hug you
clap your hands and sing His praise!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Treasure in the Lea

Cloverleaf, Cloverleaf
one, two, three
Picked from the garden
under the tree

Hiding in the patch
is the fabled lucky four
a velvet clover tri-leaf
with one petal more

Cherub chubby smiles
are becoming long of tooth
searching through the field
oh! the the treasure heart of youth

Round green petals
amassing in the lea
tiny hands a-panning
one, two, three

Saturday, December 6, 2008


It's different this time
it's here to stay
can't escape
perpetual gray

If only it
were like the rain
soothing and not
perpetual pain

A colourless fog
I've lost my sight
Can't find the day
perpetual night

I hate this
please let me go
let me go free
perpetual no

again again again

on and on and on it goes
where it ends noone knows
run and run and run and run
find myself back where i'd begun

look around, there's no one here
empty space, no atmosphere
scream and cry and yell and wail
no ears to hear, no heart to fail

round and round and round I roll
out of control, out of control
try and try and fall and fall
empty space, I call and call

Alone, alone, alone alone
Behind a glass, as tough as stone
seeing me, they think i'm there
trapped beyond, i'm here, not there

cry and cry and cry and cry
alone i live, alone i die
the pain, so real, it doesn't end
it's here again, again, again.

Friday, December 5, 2008



by knowledge
by compassion
by intimidation


by burden
by discipline
by righteousness


by coersion
by confinement
by obligation


by silence
by bondange
and powerlessness
Snow crystals pristine, drifting down
silently, aloft upon the playful breeze
settling over the decorated panorama.

Silver scene and painted countryside
a whimsy of the Keeper of the skies
to enchant and delight the yuletide pilgrim

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

prison master

The adoring prison master
came to me and fell first sight
but not to leave his post he begged me
to share his firelight

He promised love and graced a ring
his bride lifted on a pedestal
then carried me across the threshold
to share his prison cell

Slowly he retreated from the
honeymooners quarters,
and ordered me to serve him from my
block, those were my orders

And then he locked the door,
and adored me from afar,
I loved but couldn't reach him,
me - his infuriating star.

He ranted and abused me when I
couldn't meet his needs
yet he feared to breech the lock
lest his obsession be set free

The adoring prison master
I fell in love with at first sight
Though he pain me, I'll not leave him
will not douse his firelight

cellar place

Tearing me down
Cutting me off
pushing me into the cellar

Stay there alone
Don't try to move
Shut up and survive the yeller

Why do you talk
No one could love you
Keep to yourself and to me

Stop with your groping
wishing and hoping
Stay put and stop trying to get free

I possess you
You're hated it's true
but no one can take what is mine

So stay out of sight
this is your bed tonight
know your place now and all will be fine