Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When Christians Cry

Why can't Christians be depressed?
We have emotions like the rest.
In fact, it's God who made us thus,
to think and feel and smile and fuss.

And don't blame God and say He's bad
because I'm broken, lost and sad.
He made us perfect in those days.
It's SIN that butchers all His ways.

Earthquakes, bombs, why war and death?
This SIN disease that marks our breath.
It makes me sick until I cry,
I'm drowning God! I want to die!

But don't you scoff. I know He hears.
The only One to wipe my tears.
All of you just me despise.
You ooze disdain with haughty eyes.

And some of you take "pity" on
this poor "Christian" who sighs so long.
Forget the knowledge you must share.
I need a hug, some simple care.

Don't tell me not to be depressed!
Forgive my God, who knows what's best.
I may be cured, or I may die,
but God sheds tears when Christians cry.

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