Monday, November 17, 2008

Turn Back, Precious

My daughter, love, what have you done?
I told you back when we'd begun,
To hide in Me. I'll never leave,
my precious Jewel, yet still, I grieve.

I see you shaking, curled up tight,
bruised and broken, lost the fight.
I move to comfort and you run.
My daughter, why? We've just begun.

When you're hungry, first you seek
the empty poisons... you're so weak
and run to lovers poised with knife
to kill, destroy your precious life.

And glancing back, you shed a tear
because you see I am still near,
because you know I love you SO.
You need me precious. Please don't go.

I spoke to you the other night,
when day was done, by firelight
when you were just about to fall
I held your hand. You felt so small.

I know you heard your whispered name.
I weep for you, you feel such shame.
That shame, it angered Me to death!
I bought your freedom, gave you breath.

So breathe my precious, breathe in Me,
together we'll forever be,
souls entwined and love so sweet.
You, My child, My heart complete.

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