Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tug of War

You come and go, destroy me so
Each small embrace, I crave your face
You tease and taunt, and make me want
your sweet embrace, my vice disgrace

And then I hear, a voice so dear
The one who waits, despite my traits
I know His love, is from above
so torn am I, with sorry eye

You pull me down, until I drown
My heart, I'm weak, Relief I seek
Can't stand the pain, give in again
Then fall in shame, no rights to claim

He lifts me up, and fills my cup
No face have I, and so I cry
He gently rights, my reds to whites
Deserving none, my feet they run

In illness fall, and then you call
my vice, deception, skewed perception
glittery, you're death to me
My dying hope, and so I grope

With arms to Him, weak and thin
I see the light, He clears my sight

And weighing me, upon my feet
You tear me down, and break my crown

I ache for Him, not you but Him

You idol toy, not safe, destroy

Tug of war, inside my core
It's Him I want, but you that taunts
I'm not dead, but Him instead
The war is won. Praise God the Son.

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