Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tiny Candle

One candle in a thousand flames
do you even see it burning?
Surrounded by the light of those
whose lives just keep on turning.
Touching one and reaching out
to meet and find the light,
the candle slows to flickering
near fading out of sight...
Heave! and push! and blow up big!
send sparks into the air!
silent screams for victory
no one seems to care.
The candle keeps on burning
keeps on burning burning long,
almost snuffing out and yet
forever burning on...

Precious candle, small and blue,
it's I who light your fire.
I see you lost within the throng
but still you're My desire.
Your tiny wick aglow for Me
is surely not concealed,
though many seek the pompous flames,
for you, My love's revealed.
Don't give up or burn in vain
thinking that I do not see.
I ignite you from within,
My candle, Mine at Calvery.

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