Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its a pity people think suicidal people cry wolf,
when they say over and over, they want to die.
Perhaps the timing wasn't right
or they thought they saw a glimmer of hope,
when at first their despair brought someone to move
close to them and tell them they were
the trouble.
Problem is the sickness doesn't just go away
and there came another day, when they cried again
and then weren't worth the inconvenience
for they didn't learn their lesson the first time
and if they didn't do it then, they won't do it now.
Its no crime to be depressed,
but it is a crime to be alone,
punishable by death, insanity by isolation,
like crucifixion
boy does the punishment fit the crime
He brought life, so kill him.
She wants love, so leave her.
When the suicidal monster asked, please help me
the lover became the warden, and had to go fix dinner.

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