Sunday, November 16, 2008

If it's DARK, It's almost DAWN

When black, smothering darkness settles,
devoid of dingy shafts of hope -
a gloomy, grimy, indistinctness,
inky, rayless, slippery slope -

watch your step this nebulous hour,
bleak and lurid, dense and glum,
lightless, hopeless, black oppression -
Hold on, dear one. The hour has come.

Enter dawn with glittering glory,
brilliant, shining, radiant Son
ablaze, alight, aglow with freedom...
the beaming, dazzling day's begun.

It will not end, the golden brilliance
Bright, luminous, gleaming space,
Lustrous, shimmering, vivid Sonlight
infusing PEACE, resplendant grace...

So hold one, dear one, hold on.

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