Tuesday, November 4, 2008

God of Pain

God of Pain

You Christins break the rules,
I see you sinning all the time!
Just look. This one is smoking,
and those priests. Ugh. What a crime.

Don't you know you should be perfect?
Look at you, you are depressed!
I thought Christians were all happy.
You think you're better than the rest.

You say, Scott, we are forgiven.
We're forgiven. Don't you see?
But all I see is disappointment,
what I call hypocrisy.

Your depression, it takes over,
'till you can't get out of bed.
Can't your Jesus come and fix you?
Can't He lift your weary head?

Yeah, My Pa, he was a "Christian",
and he had no time for me.
The taste of truth is much too bitter.
He was God to me you see.

My ma... I prayed to Jesus,
please, to heal her of her fever.
Yet she left and I lost hope.
How could He be the Great Reliever?

Besides, your Master, He was broken.
He was nailed to brutal wood.
Just to love me? As my dad should?
I'd believe it if I could.

I'd believe it if I wanted
but I see you long to die.
I see you suffer through depression,
yet you're here, and I ask why?

You're in anguish nearly always
Yet your faith has worn your knees.
God of pain, He leaves you living.
God of rain, your pain is eased.

You say to be a true disciple,
you must suffer like your King,
to be made into His image.
I don't like that sort of thing.

I suppose if you believe it,
that a soul could learn from crying...
that a perfect God would love you,
and a loving God went dying...

I suppose if I could have,
just a little of your stuff...
How I see you truly dying
yet you think that God's enough...

Perhaps I could rethink my thoughts
and take His gift to me,
But my knees are stiff from pride.
I'd have to break to bend the knee.

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