Saturday, October 25, 2008

I do not know what I should do
My heart it aches to see this through
And yet I know that You have plans
And keep me safely in Your hands
I call on You, I do, I do.
No strength have I, lest I have You.
My tears have bathed the book in pain
Your blood has washed me like the rain
I beg for You, I need Your grace
Your love to fill me in this place
Your love forgives my deepest sin
I must forgive. Let love begin.
The time has come, to face my fear
Please hold us close, there's danger here.
The battle rages, beating down
To overcome us, make us drown.
She held my face between her hands
And danced with me, I could not stand
Your love she gives and shows me how
to love another here and now
My friend you tell me, face the skies
Take a stand and lift my eyes.
For love must know the pain it brings
Rough caresses, love it stings
Alone I stand and no one knows
For how such love can come to blows
I'm weak I tell you, face the skies?
I cannot even lift my eyes.
My shame it follows where I go
For I deserve the pain I know.
I'm sorry I have let you down
Let you down, and let you down.
I love you so and long to please
But I am worthless, and diseased.
I'm sorry that I've let you down
I've let you down. I've let You down
I'm sorry that I've let you down
My shame it follows, lets you down
I'm not your hero, shameful life
I've let you down, no hero's wife.
no strength to fight, no way to turn
I have to learn

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