Friday, October 31, 2008


Help me please, Alone again
I cannot change this, cannot win
I'm aching just to feel Your love
to feel acceptance from above
I feel my sin, so sick am I
A deadly ill come over I
Find me not in solitary
Weeping still involuntary
Begging God to end this walk
please send someone so I can talk
Quietness it's own disease
Killing me, oh hear my pleas.
Forced to keep it to myself
Locked in the cellar by myself
No light of day, no window pane
No warmth to feel, just endless rain
He holds the key and hides it well
To keep me locked up in my cell
I can't get out, and if I try
I pay the price, and live to cry
Hear me God, have mercy now
Its hopeless for me, worthless cow

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