Monday, October 20, 2008


Why do I fear you leaving me?
Walking off and bleeding me?
Naked before you, I stand bare.
Abandonment, I've had my share.
The ones who are supposed to be,
unconditional to me,
Have tied their love to threads so thin,
I cannot hold them, cannot win.
They choose their way, by whim and will,
And threaten me, my heart to spill.
I'm tossed about by sheer neglect,
by raging storms and disrespect.
They know what's best, apart from me.
Abandoning and bleeding me.
Then coming back to taunt and tease,
The ups and downs too much, so please,
Just stay or go. Please stay, don't go.
I can't be close, can't be alone.
My fear has cut me off from you.
Stop pretending. You can't be true.
Alone I stand. Alone I fall.
I cannot take this. Not at all.

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