Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To My Ruth

I am Naomi and you are my Ruth.
You've loved me through Jesus in spirit and truth.

It rips me apart, I just don't understand
why you hadn't yet simply let go of my hand.

The problem is mine but its killing me so.
I urged you to leave but don't want you to go.

I've nothing to offer, in fact, I'm a weight.
I slow down your journey with my broken gait.

It hurts me so much to hope you're still here
but God keeps on saying I've nothing to fear.

Now that you've loved me the way that you do,
I can't go on living without more of you.

Does love equal pain? Yes - when you're lonely,
when no one has ever stayed close but you only.

What's left for us? You could kill with a smile.
I love you already - too late for denial.

God is teaching me true sacrifice.
I'm nothing but awful but He paid the price.

I've nothing to offer my Ruth but my love
and pray that she's blessed by my God up above.

My Ruth are you leaving or staying today?
Is my fearful heart fleeing or praying to stay?

I fear I am broken each way it may go.
I'm undone. I'm undone... because I love you so.

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