Friday, September 5, 2008

i've lost heart

I break off my heart
one piece at a time
I give it with pain
as a gift, what was mine.
We married our hearts
to create a sweet bond,
but now I reach out
and you've ceased to respond.
Perhaps you are moved
in your heart of emotion,
but that gives me nothing
not even a notion,
that anyone cares
to know me at all.
I'd save me some heartache
to talk to the wall.
Forgive me if this seems
too harsh or too cruel.
A broken-heart dishrag
I'm everyone's fool.
A piece of me's lost
each time that I share.
I give it to you
for safekeeping and care.
But how do I know
if my heart you've received?
Or tossed out my life
with the junk to be heaved.
Nothing to lose or to gain,I'm
- dejected.
I was broken before and now I'm
- rejected.
I'll just say it once,
at the end of my rope:
Talking has failed,
I've a new way to cope.
I cannot deny
that I've lost will and heart :(
Goodbye my sweet friend as
for now we must part.

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