Friday, August 29, 2008

four boys blues

baby is crying, crying, crying
mommy is spinning, singing, sighing
pot bubbles over, kids need shoes
mommy is singing the 4 boys blues

baby is laughing, laughing, laughing
mommy is trying to increase staffing
daddy is working, need more bacon
the four boys blues, my body's achin'

baby is crawling, bawling, crawling
mommy is juggling, tripping, falling
big boys are eating, snacks aplenty
four boys blues, the fridge is empty

baby is running, streaking, dashing,
big boys are yelling, screaming, crashing
mommy is frantic, where are my shoes?
under the toybox, four boys blues

baby is giggling, wiggling, giggling
little sibs are growing into big things
mommy is laughing, daddy is home
the four boys blues is a joyful poem

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