Monday, August 18, 2008

Ancient Song

On the wings of purest dawn
Come the notes of simple song
A breath of calm, open long
The book is open, heart to psalm

Pages wrinkled, smudged in tears
Spread across a thousand years
Sweetly whispered in the breeze
The ballad flowing through the trees

Echoes from the heart below
Breathing deep and weeping slow
Alone the shores that lap and flow
accompany the solo

High above the gentle wings
Drink deep the melody she sings
Lilting low the pain it rings
Across the ages truth it brings

A song so deep in every man
The broken soldier, babe in hand,
a trodden path across the land
through every heart this music spans

She sings it high and deep this song
The ancient trees have heard it long
Not to one does she belong
A solo in a moving throng

Singing sweetly on her knees
A long slow ballad on the breeze
Calling 'cross the endless seas
An echo of an ancient plea

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