Friday, August 29, 2008

four boys blues

baby is crying, crying, crying
mommy is spinning, singing, sighing
pot bubbles over, kids need shoes
mommy is singing the 4 boys blues

baby is laughing, laughing, laughing
mommy is trying to increase staffing
daddy is working, need more bacon
the four boys blues, my body's achin'

baby is crawling, bawling, crawling
mommy is juggling, tripping, falling
big boys are eating, snacks aplenty
four boys blues, the fridge is empty

baby is running, streaking, dashing,
big boys are yelling, screaming, crashing
mommy is frantic, where are my shoes?
under the toybox, four boys blues

baby is giggling, wiggling, giggling
little sibs are growing into big things
mommy is laughing, daddy is home
the four boys blues is a joyful poem

Thursday, August 28, 2008

twisted pop

sticky dreams and
fickle themes
I'm jealous of that girl it seems

green and slimy
i'm sublimely
grotesque - twisted
brain unlisted

find me firstly
parched and thirsty
cute and crazy,
she so hazy

i'm adoring, left me boring
left me, left me
left me boring

sticky moods and fickle foods
Her mantle charms me,
taunts me, broods

colored pop
and lava rocks
she's so funky, like a junkie

i'm just me
and glad to be
her heart is red
she's mad and free

unfriendly, twisted
mask unlisted
cut the line and
i'm jus' fine

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ancient Song

On the wings of purest dawn
Come the notes of simple song
A breath of calm, open long
The book is open, heart to psalm

Pages wrinkled, smudged in tears
Spread across a thousand years
Sweetly whispered in the breeze
The ballad flowing through the trees

Echoes from the heart below
Breathing deep and weeping slow
Alone the shores that lap and flow
accompany the solo

High above the gentle wings
Drink deep the melody she sings
Lilting low the pain it rings
Across the ages truth it brings

A song so deep in every man
The broken soldier, babe in hand,
a trodden path across the land
through every heart this music spans

She sings it high and deep this song
The ancient trees have heard it long
Not to one does she belong
A solo in a moving throng

Singing sweetly on her knees
A long slow ballad on the breeze
Calling 'cross the endless seas
An echo of an ancient plea

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A lways at core
L iving for more
O nly a hole
N ever consoled
E ver poor

Saturday, August 9, 2008

recurring dream

Walking the path in a thunderstorm
rain on her face, trying to keep warm.
A thoughtless haven, soothing and cool,
Feet fall heavy through the muddy pool.
Far away, she's seeking home
her spirits drenched right to the bone.
Lightning splits the sky above
echoing sweet thoughts of love.
The moody journey rather bleak.
Thunder dancing, silver streaks.
A place to breathe, its freeing pain
to run and scream and drink the rain.
She welcomes danger, does not care.
There's freedom when she dares to dare.
The Lamb was slain. He knows the pain.
He's been out dancing, kissed the rain.
No one here to make demands
hidden 'neath the trees command.
Running faster, whipping trees,
stumbling, falling to her knees.
Can't go on. She cries no sound.
Unashamed, she's lost and found.
Wrenching anguish, sobbing release.
Spent and exhausted she slips into sleep.
Quietly now, rain steadily falling.
Just wind in the trees and nobody calling.
She sleeps in the muck, no one near to stare.
In pain and in freedom, she did dare to dare.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Doesn't matter what I see... but what Your love has done for me.
Anguish, pain. I'm ripped apart.. but cling to hope for Your new start.

All I see is darkness churning, lightning flashing, leaves upturning.
Wind is whipping, stinging faces, Blinding men to God's oasis.
Save me God - the storm is coming, heart is hammering, wildly running.
Tempest nears, will wash away, my strength and hope to live today.
The rain begins, deep fountains gush, flooding, rushing over us.
For forty days I cannot swim, forty nights will do me in.
I saw the ark, the saving path, the rescue from the Master's wrath.
The door is sealed, I'm stuck outside, no place to run, to climb or hide.
The waters are too much for me, I'm drowning in a tortured sea.
The waves crash high above my head. It's quiet now under the shed.
My lungs are burning, tide's above. Overturn me, greace and love.
Your tender voice, and gentle hand, will pull me out and make me stand.
The wrath is Yours but You jumped in, left the ark to cleanse my sin.
You'll pull me out and set me free. I'm on the deck, You're in the sea.
My breath is gone, almost lost. You counted me above the cost.
You pull me out and wash me clean.. a new land soon but yet unseen.

Doesn't matter what I see... but what Your love has done for me.
Anguish, pain.. I'm ripped apart... but cling to hope for Your new start.