Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The truth of it all just cuts to my heart
There's no way to change who I am on my part
And those that I love whom I ache to belong
Cannot return my love or my song
People try to comfort with what they can find
But the truth is reality, is hard, is not blind
And it hurts, is so hard, is a tough thing to see
But seeing the truth is the honest way to be
Make no excuses, and try not to lie
Sometimes no life is left but to sigh
It doesn't matter if I am in pain
The ones that I love must leave me again
The reality is that goodbyes are in order
Prolonging this fact gives my heart such disorder
This cell is mine and can't be shared
Even if someone I loved truly cared
I give up, I'm leaving this wrapping behind
Good bye to the hope that is being blind

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